Southwest Pipe LLC

  • PO Box 81189
  • Lafayette, LA USA 70598
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RJ Sandridge is the co-owner and operator of SouthWest Pipe, LLC located just south of Lafayette, LA. He has over 25 years of procurement experience in the oil & gas industry. SouthWest Pipe LLC sells and purchases equipment for the oilfield industry. RJ comes from a family that is deeply rooted in the oilfield industry. Having hands on experience with the products he sells, customers are safe to put their trust in him to provide them with quality products at an honest price. We strive to provide southern hospitality as a part of our customer service, as only a native Louisianan can. SouthWest Pipe has a large inventory for all your oilfield needs. SouthWest Pipe LLC inventory is well maintained in the cleanest pipe yard in the Lafayette area. 

Southwest Pipe LLC carries Block & Hooks, Swivels, Rotary Tables, Kellys, Kelly Drive Bushings, Air Tuggers, Mud Pumps, Closing Units, Pulsation Dampners, Tongs, Lift Subs, Elevators, Drill Pipe Clips, Drill Collar Slips, Safety Clamps, Used Drill Pipe, Generators, Subs, Trip Tanks, New & Used Drill Collars, Water Tanks, Pup Joints, Shear Rams, and New Tubular.