Rocky Mountain Casing Crews, Inc.

  • 2751 Yellowstone Rd.
  • Rock Springs, WY USA 82901
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Allow us to introduce you to Rocky Mountain Casing Crews, Inc. of Rocky Springs, Wyoming. We are a locally owned Wyoming corporation doing business primarily in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and parts of Montana since October of 1994, operating a casing and laydown service company. As of 2011, we have opened a Williston, North Dakota shop with both men and equipment with the capacity of any and all operations as the Wyoming corporate office.

The range of our equipment is as follows:
• Power tongs cover 2 3/8 in. through 20 in.
• Casing tools range from 75 tons through 500 tons
• Utilizes 200 ton Varco automatic spider/elevator combinations ranging from 2 3/8 In. through 7 5/8 in.
• Utilizes portable electric stabbing boards
• Utilizes manual backup tongs from 2 3/8 in. through 20 in.
• All sizes of thread protectors
• All of our laydown machines are BC & Barry Black manufactured
• Volant CRT (Casing Running Tools) for 4 1/2 in. 500 ton, 7 in. 320 ton and 9 5/8 in. 320 ton casing
• McCoy WinCatt Torque Turn systems
• Davis-Lynch & Drawworks Fill Tools
• Rental Tools 
• 24-hour service

  Rocky Mountain Casing Crews, Inc. has access to any size and type of tool(s) to run casing jobs in the Rocky Mountain area and Williston Basin area.