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Oklahoma City OK USA

General Specs

Detailed Description

Regular Float Equiment Product
Ball Type Float Shoe:
Industrial Rubber Regular Float Shoes are ball-type float shoes that utilize a high density GFNY ball for strength and resistance to abrasion. The ball seat is designed to be out of the flow path of circulating fluids so as to minimize wash out.
The ball is guided into the seat by aluminum guide fins, which are an integral part of the guide nose. The fins not only guide the ball, but also direct the flow of cement slurry evenly around the shoe for better cement distribution.

Ball Type Float Collar:
Industrial Rubber Regular Float Collars employ the same ball and seat design that is used in Regular Float Shoes. IRI Float Collars can be run above any IRI guide shoe or float shoe; pin down and box up threads are provided for convenience in making up on the casing string.
The ball is held in place by a cage on the underside of the seat. Large flow passages in the cage, in conjunction with the use of abrasion-resistant ball material, help promote positive ball seating throughout the service life of the float collar.