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Halliburton Super Seal II Float Collar W/24 Tooth 9-5/8" Buttress CSG THD Contact Scot with any questions or for more photos. Scot @ 770-633-8788 Shipping: Non-Freight: We ship domestic and international Monday through Friday. We ship items no later than the next business day your payment clears. All of our shipping prices are our best attempt to ship each item at the lowest price possible to save you money. We recommend USPS Express mail for international delivery. We will ship USPS Priority International if you do not want to pay more for Express. Freight: We use for all of our freight shipping. If you would like a quote on an item please include your complete address and whether we are shipping to a business with a loading dock, a business without a loading dock, residential, or a freight terminal near the zipcode. If you would like to pick-up the item rather than have us ship it we dont mind. Contact us at 770-333-8333x12 to arrange pick-up at, The New Century Group 105 Bucknell Ct. Suite A Atlanta, GA 30336 Feedback: Feedback ratings show that we are doing a good job providing an excellent buying experience. If for any reason we do not meet your expectations and there is a problem with your buying experience please contact us at 770-333-8333x12. Please contact us at 770-333-8333x12 if any problem exists so that we together can come up with a solution that restores your buying experience. We thank you and appreciate your help in making Gatestmart a success. Communication: If you have any questions at all please contact us at 770-333-8333x12. We answer questions as quickly as we can, and if we dont know the answer, we will find the answer! Communication is very important for a smooth transaction and it takes both sides to make communication successful. Again, feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have. 770-333-8333x12 Return Policy: We deal with multiple products and seek to list each item accurately and truthfully. If we do not meet your expectations please contact us at 770-333-8333x12. We will together find the best solution to your problem. Thank you for your business, We appreciate you. GaTestMart Scot. For complete listing information please select the Click To Bid button to see this item on eBay.