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DIEDRICH 80K Sonic Additional Drilling Equipment

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Fredonia WI USA

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For complete listing information please select the Click To Bid button to see this item on eBay. ***NEW PRICE*** 2010 Diedrich Sonic with Large 80K Sonic Head MAIN DRILL PLATFORM - Only has 53.1 hours **Drill was used on only one project** 1.) DIEDRICH SONIC HEAD: 80 K LARGE SONIC HEAD WITH MODIFICATIONS FOR ANGLE DRILLING The Feed system is capable of developing 20,000 lbs of pull down and pull back force. The Diedrich 80 K sonic head develops 80,000 lbs of force at 180 Hz. 80 RPM's at the spindle, with around 5,000 ft-lbs of torque MODIFICATIONS INCLUDED DIFFERENTING ROUTING OF HOUSES INTO LUBRIATION PUMP AT BASE OF THE HEAD. THERE WAS ALSO A HOLE DRILLED INTO THE HOUSING OF THE HEAD TO ALLOW FOR DRAINAGE INTO THE LUBRICATOR CIRCUIT. THIS DRILL HEAD IS CAPABLE OF DRILLING VERTICALLY AS WELL. This rig later had a tower fold assembly added so that it could be mounted as a truck version to drill vertically. 2.) FEED FRAME CARRIAGE WITH WHEELS: ROTARY ACTUACTORS: PARKER# HTR75-0903C-PA11V-C CHAIN TENSION CYLINDERS: ENERPAC# BRC-106 3.) FEED FRAME: CHAIN: 182 LINKS OF DIAMOND 160HS (TWO CHAINS) PLANETARY GEAR DRIVE: AUBURN# 60002815 MOTOR TO DRIVE PLANETARY: VOAC# F12-060 BEARINGS IN FEED FRAME: JONES # JYRP2300 4.) HOISTING CRANE VENTURO# CT310KX 5.) WATER PUMPS MOYNO 3L6: MOTOR TO DRIVE THIS PUMP: EATON CHAR-LYNN# 101-1022-000 BEAN PUMP: FMC L1122: MOTOR : COMMERCIAL INTERTECH # WM76AB78BEOR25-7 (MOTOR DETAILS: 4-BOLT SAE "C" MOUNT, 1-1/4" 14 TOOTH SPLINE) 6.) BREAKOUT WRENCH BLACK DOG INDUSTRIES # BOW310 7.) OPEN LOOP HYDRAULIC VALVES 3 VALVE BANKS OF HUSCO SCX-180 LOAD SENSE PRESSURE COMPENSATED VALVES 8.) ELECTRIC JOYSTICKS FOR VIBRATION, SPINDLE ROTATION, AND DRILL HEAD FEED PQ CONTROLS M115 JOYSTICKS WITH M519 DRIVERS 9.) 5 LEVELING JACKS FOR PLATFORM and truck POWER PACKER # 300576 (4 IN BORE CYLINDER WITH 36" OF STROKE) POWERPACK 1.) ENGINE: JOHN DEERE ES30833, 350 HP 6090 ENGINE 2.) PUMP DRIVE: FUNK: 200-513 3.) VIBRATION CLOSED LOOP PUMPS PUMP #1: EATON SERIES 2 HYDROSTAT: EATON BUILD #4622-323 PUMP #2: EATON SERIES 2 HYDROSTAT: EATON BUILD #4622-324 4.) OPEN LOOP PUMPS TANDEM PUMP ASSEMBLY: OIL GEAR PVG-130 PUMPS: BUILD # LH700200-681 5.) FEED SYSTEM CLOSED LOOP PUMP EATON SERIES 2 HYDROSTAT: EATON BUILD #3922-127 6.) LUBRICATOR AND COOLER FAN PUMP: ENGINE AUXILARY DRIVE WEBSTER: 237KB8AX/194KX1XX-R 7.) FUEL TANK: 103 GALLONS 8.) HYDRAULIC TANK: 250 GALLONS 9.) HYDRUALIC FILTERS 3 SUCTION FILTERS: SCHROEDER# ST2KTZ10HSVS 3 SUCTION STRAINERS: SCHROEDER# BFTSKBFCY 1 RETURN FILTER: SCHROEDER# BFT1BBZ3HFES 10.) HYDRAULIC COOLER AKG# HC240 Water Tank: Water Tank on the front of the truck was professionally custom built with headache rack and holds approximately 400 gallons. Has a 4 inch fill Has a 2" drain to run to the bean or moyno pumps. TRUCK: 2009 Freightliner M2 White Vin# 1FVACYS79HAG5440 Miles: 322,904.90 The truck recently had a brand new Diesel exhaust system installed. If you are not aw