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GASO 2-1/2-4 X 6 Additional Drilling Equipment

Additional Drilling Equipment


GASO 2-1/2-4 X 6


Melbourne FL USA

General Specs

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GASO 2-1/2 - 4" X 6" Duplex Mud Pump4" Inlet Suction - 2" Outlet Discharge 33 horsepower 6 stroke continuous duty double acting duplex pump 2-1/2" Piston Max PSI 990 @ 49.9 GPM, 4-1/2" Piston Max 305 PSI @160 GPM Power End Features: Cast iron power frame, Ductile iron crankshaft, Heavy-duty roller crankshaft bearings, Bi-metal crankpin bearings, Ductile iron connecting rods, Alloy steel crosshead pins, Bronze bearing crosshead pin bushings, Internal gear reduction / 5.100:1 Ratio / with Ductile iron herringbone type main gear, Alloy steel pinion shaft with herringbone pinion gear, Heavy-duty roller pinion shaft bearings, Flooded sump, splash distribution lubrication, Rated rod load is 4850 lbs, Cast iron crossheads with upper/lower oil grooves, Fluid End Features Bolted Valve and Cylinder Head Covers Bolted valve and cylinder head covers, Bolted or threaded type glands and removable stuffing boxes, File hard steel piston rods, Standard valve types For crude oil transfer, Steel wing guided valve and seat For slush/mud service, Steel wing guided with replaceable insert Standard Piston Types For crude oil transfer, Cast iron piston body, ring type. Pump sold as is! May need a rebuild from sitting.If you want United Drill Supply to rebuild please ask for a quote prior to bidding. Rebuild costs are not included in this sales price. Thank you!United Drill Supply CoRockledge FL. For complete listing information please select the Click To Bid button to see this item on eBay.