CABOT Drilling Rigs - Land Rigs


General Specs

CABOT 550 Land Rigs

Land Rigs



Frisco TX USA

General Specs


98 ft

250,000 lb

Detailed Description

Trailer Mounted Rigs - Cabot 550 Portable Drilling Rig - 600HP, 98ft 250,000# mast

Drawworks: Rebuilt Cabot 550 Drawworks with new Mckinney PD 150 water brake and new brake pads. (2) new Kinecor Hydraulic Catheads. (2) new braden PD12 hydraulic winches. Powered by new John Deere 600 HP Diesel Motor 6135H485, allison transmission CLBT5860DB

Mast: Franks Cabot 98' 4-leg telescoping double mast, 250,000#SHL, hydraulically raised and scoped with 5 sheave crown block and 2500' of new 1-1/8" drill line. New sala block mounted on derrick.

Trailer: all above mounted on a 3 axle trailer

Substructure: 3 piece sub with mud boat and ramp. RKB = 12.5’

Air Compressor:  New Quincy D350-10 Simplex Reciprocating air compressor with 10HP 460/3/60 TEFC magnetic starter NEMA 4 enclosure and 200 gal air tank. Mounted on mud boat

Rotary Table:  rebuilt Oilwell SA 17 1/23" 

Blocks:  New Mckinney Arctic T160 block hook

Kelly:  4 1/4” x 38’ long square drive kelly with drive bushings and kelly schuck

Kelly Drive Bushings:  17 1/2" split master bushings

Mud Pumps: #1 Ideco MM700 duplex pump, belt driven by a Cat D379 diesel engine, #2 Ideco MM700 duplex pump belt driven by a Cat D379 diesel engine

Mud System: (1) 275 bbl single tank system with a new 4 panel brandt king cobra shale shaker, (2) 7.5HP agitators, (1) desander with 2-12” cones, (1) Caustic mixing barrell, (1) eye wash station, (3) 400 watt lights, (1) mud hopper, (2) 5x6 centrifugle pumps with 2-50 HP electric motors

Generator Skid w/Lubester, Junk box & wireline:  generator, junk box with vdoor, wireline unit and lubester all on one skid.  Skid is 40’3” long x 14’11” wide.  Wireline unit is a new Five Star 15,000, Generator is a Cat 320 KW powered by a Cat 3408 PC motor with Eaton 45 KVA transformer

Water Tank & Top Doghouse: New 450 bbl water tank with Top Doghouse hinged to support beams to lower into water tank. New water tank is 35' long x 8'5" wide and has 2-3x2 centrifical 25HP pumps, new doghouse is 7' x 14' plus a porch on each end

Fuel Tank: new 2000 gallon tank with electric fuel pump

Drill Pipe: 192 joints (6048’) of 4 1/2" XH yellow band drill pipe

Drill Collars: 12 drill collars 6" – 6 1/4" with 4 1/2" XH connections

Subs: 6 lift nipples 4 1/2" XH pins

Pipe Baskets: 3 pipe baskets on skids

Catwalk: (1) 41" wide x 52' long and 46" high atwalk with pipe groove

Misc: 1 new 55' 5000psi 4" kelly hose, 2 new 15' 4" x 5000 psi vibrator hoses, 1 new 12' 4" x 5000 psi vibrator hose, new 2" hoses with 2" high pressure manifold, 1-6" mud jet