OIME Drilling Rigs - Land Rigs


General Specs

OIME 2000 HP Land Rigs

Land Rigs


OIME 2000 HP


Frisco TX USA

General Specs


150 ft

1,000,000 lb


Detailed Description

OIME 2000 Drilling Rig - 2000 Hp SCR, 42VC1200 high drum clutch and 38VC 1200 low drum clutch, Driven by two (2) GE 752 type series wound DC traction motors with 10 hp blowers, Complete with Wichita 336 water or glycol cooled auxiliary brake. 

Mast;  DSI 150' beam leg with 1,000,000 lb hook load capacity and mast assembly stand.

Crown Block:  1 x 60" fabricated steel fast line sheave and 6 x 60" working sheaves.  Sheaves grooved for 1-3/8" line.  Geronimo line is 9x16" line 1.5 times derrick height in length.  Drill pipe capacity is 242 stands of 5" DP and 10 stands of 9" DC's.  One mast assembly stand and two stands to elevate the blocks are included.  

Deadline Anchor:  1000,000 lb deadline anchor, Deadline is on off-driller's side.