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General Specs

SERVICE KING SK 1100 Land Rigs

Land Rigs



Stroud OK USA

General Specs

92 ft

500,000 lb

Detailed Description

SK 1100 Commander Super Series Top Drive Drilling Rig.
92'500,000# Hydraulic raised and scoped derrick. 250 ton top drive w/ 8 line string up independently powered by  closed circuit HPU.
Mounted on a 4 axle trailer, powered by dual Detroit 60 series engines with Allison transmission. 46x10 water circulating drawworks with 54"dual caliper disc assist brake. 15' Hydraulic scoping sub. Iron roughneck and automated pipe handler for range 3 drill pipe w/ separate HPU. Driller's House w/ all controls for operating base carrier, iron roughneck and pipe handler.
Accommodates 2 7/8" to 5 1/2" drill pipe.
Example drilling depth: 20,000' using 3 1/2 drill pipe 30,000' workover capability.