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Mifflinburg PA USA

General Specs


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1980 Skytop Brewster 4610 600 Rig Package
Item No - 3035 
Condition - Used 
Manufacturer - Skytop Brewster 
Status - Available 
Model Year - 1980 
Model No - 4610 600 Rig Package 
Quantity - 1 
Price - Contact us 
•	Skytop RR 600 Drill Rig
•	600HP, 
•	4610 D/D Drilling Unit, 
•	LEBUS Grooved f/1" Line, 
•	PARMAC 22" SR Hydromatic Brake, 
•	SKYTOP 110'H, 275,000# SHL Telescoping Mast, 
•	Crown Block w/(4) 30" Sheaves, 
•	36" Fastline Sheave, 
•	24" Deadline Sheave, 
•	Racking Board, 
•	4"ID Standpipe, 
•	3-1/2" Rotary Hose, 
•	Climbing Device, 
•	Fluorescent Rig Lights, 
•	All Mounted on a SKYTOP-BREWSTER RR-600 5-Axle Back-In Carrier, 
•	p/b DETROIT Series 60 Diesel Engine, 
•	ALLISON 5860 Transmission, 
•	(2) Hyd Utility Winches, 
•	(4) Hyd Leveling Jacks, 
•	425/65R22.5 Front & 11R22.5 Rear Tires, 
•	Budd Wheels
Spare Parts for drill rig: 
•	Drawworks Sprocket off driller side, 
•	Drum Clutch Drive Ring and pressure plates, 
•	2 Sets of brake bands, 
•	Brake Blocks, 
•	Sand line Drum complete with clutch assy
•	IDECO UTB 165-Ton "Shorty" Block/Hook Combo w/(4) 30" Sheaves f/1" Line, 2-1/2" x 96"L Elevator Links
•	Weight indicator
•	PSC Shallow Production Wt Indicator, 400,000 lbs Capacity, w/Diaphragm
•	#1Substructure/Cat Walk
•	8'H x 8'W x 14'L T-Type Substructure w/(2) 40"W Folding Walkways, 24"H x 8'6"W x 26'L Attached Back-On Ramp, 34"H x 7'W x 35'L Catwalk
•	Rotary Table with Substructure #1
•	BREWSTER RSH-18 18" x 44" Rotary Table w/Split Master Bushing
•	#2 Substructure (W 5th Wheel & Dolly/Cat Walk
•	12'10"H x 8'W x 15'L Box-Type Sub w/Rotary Beams, Rotary Elevated Drive Box, 6'W & 4'W Cantilevered Walkways & 9'L Detachable T/A Dolly, Gooseneck, 255/70R22.5 Tires, Budd Wheels, 10'W x 12"H x 43'L Rig Base w/14'L Hinged Sub Board & Base Beam flush mount rotary table
Rotary Table with Substructure #2
•	SENTRY S1275 27-1/2" x 53" Rotary Table w/Split Master Bushing
Drillers House/Fuel/ Lockers
•	8'W x 22'L Driller's Doghouse/Fuel Tank Combo w/Knowledge Box, Lockers, Bench Storage, GEOLOGRAPH 2-Pen Recorder, 8'W x 7'H x 10'L 3000-Gal Fuel Tank, Skidded, Auto Driller, satellite auto driller,
Generator House
•	(One) CAT LC5 225KW GenSet p/b CAT C-9 @ 369HP Diesel Engine, w/Elec Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Skidded, CUMMINS 80KW Power GenSet p/b CUMMINS 4.5L @ 145HP Diesel Engine, w/Elec Starter, Radiator, Gauges, 
•	Skidded, Mtd in 8'W x 28'L Generator House w/SQUARE D 75 KVA Transformer, Elec Panels, (6) 1" Steel Flex Hoses, (4) Mercury Vapor Rig Lights, Skidded
Triplex Mud Pumps
•	(2) IDECO T-800 TRIPLEX MUD PUMPS w/9" stroke, each unitized on a single mounted skid,
Triplex Mud Pumps Power by
•	(2) Caterpillar D-398 Diesel Engines 
Mud Pits
•	(2) Shale and Suction mud pit approx 500 BBL Capacity
Parts House with spares parts
•	7'6"W x 37'L Parts House w/Built-In Water Tank, Parts Bins, Cabinets, SCHRADER BRIDGEPORT 5HP Air Compressor, 60-Gal Vertical Air Tank, 3-Compartment Lubester, Skidded, misc spare parts
•	Water Tank 8'W x 7'H x 34'L Open Top Water Tank, Skidded
•	Swivel/Kelly/Kelly Drive Bushing
•	GARDNER-DENVER SW-125 125-Ton Swivel w/5-1/4" Hex Kelly, VARCO HD Drive Bushing
Handling Tools
•	WEB WILSON Type B Tongs w/Heads , misc handling tools
Pipe Boxes
•	(1) 7'6"W x 30"H x 34'L Pipe Box w/Drawworks Powered Rathole Digger & Misc components
•	(1) 7'6"W x 30"H x 34'L Pipe Box w/Stairs
Pipe Racks
•	(2) 40"H x 28'L Triangular Pipe Racks
BOP Reagan 3M Annular
Located: Southern Region, USA