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Ravenswood WV USA

General Specs


64 ft

250,000 lb



Detailed Description

1981 Walker Neer Apache 250/40 drill rig sn. 2284, 250,000 lb. 64' derrick, 1" drill line, Walker Neer hydraulic pipe boom w/ extra jaw, Cat 3408 diesel, Allison 6061 transmission, Funk box, King 15 PS swivel, Torque Chief power wrench, Martin Decker weight indicator, 50 KW generator with John Deere diesel, Miller arc welder, hyd utility winch, lights, 3" stand pipe, 3" rotary hose, ladders, hand rails,mud gauge, all mtd. on a triaxle trailer with 4 leveling jacks and removable 4th axle attachment. 

SPARE PARTS for rig: 2 sets of Hydraulic pull down chains/ sprockets and motors, down front section of RAD, new Sunstrand hyd pump, King 15 PS swivel, spare rebuilt Marco box, extra wrench jaw, rebuilt hyd raising cylinders, 4 rebuilt swivel hyd drive motors, extra Funk clutches, new torque gauge, brake bands, crown and swivel sheaves, 18" air brake)

12"H x 10'W x 40'L sub base w/ 4' flip up ramp.

4'H x 10W x 40'L sub base w/ ramp. 

1989 Fruehauf tandem axle dog house with insulated walls, electric heat, lights, electric triplex pressure washer, 3000 + gallon fuel tank, vice, bench grinder, microwave, refrigerator, bolt bin w/ bolts, hand tools, lockers, knowledge box, outside lights, ladders, catwalks, hand rails, sliding doors. 

6000'+\- of 3 1/2" IF, S 135 drill pipe

(15) 6 3/8" +\- 4 1/2 X hole drill collars

Continental D-375 duplex mud pump sn. 192, 5 1/2" liners, Wadco mud gauge, dampener, quick change caps, 10" suction line, powered by Cat 3408 diesel. (spare dampener, seals, bearings, rods, drive ring) 

Oilwell 212P duplex mud pump with 5 1/2" liners, 8" suction line, mud gauge, dampener, powered by Cat 3406 diesel. (extra set of liners)

Joy WB12x7-5 air booster, 15,000 lb. rod load, Cat 3406 diesel

2004 Ariel JGQ/2 air Booster, sn. F-19633, 3" stroke, 11,000 lb. rod load, powered by Cat 3126 diesel, 240 hours. 

Hyd pipe racks 

(3) 40' triaxle pipe trailers.

Air slips with regular and large diameter Walker Neer bowl.

4 sets of elevators, 2 3/8"- 8"

(2) Drill collar slips, 1) drill pipe slips.

4 1/2", 7", 9 5/8" casing slips.

(2) sets of eye to eye bails. 

BJ/ BV 3 1/2"- 7" Pipe tongs 

11", 15", 17" drill bits 

Reagan style annular 3000 lb BOP.

45 KW MQ Power wheel mtd generator with Isuzu diesel 

Large assortment of subs.

Wire line unit w/ Honda gas motor. 

Large lot of flexible flow line