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General Specs

TAYLOR INDUSTRIES TI300 Well Service | Workover Rigs

Well Service | Workover Rigs



Tulsa OK USA

General Specs


71 ft

150,000 lb


Detailed Description

Taylor TI-300, Service & Workover Unit, The TI-300
The TI-300 is a compact service and 
light workover rig for depths up to 
8,500 ft. (2,591 m). This rig is ultra 
compact in design for maximum 
maneuverability and performance. The 
71 ft. (21.6 m) mast provides 150,000 
lbs. (68 MT) hook load with a four-
line string. The rig can be equipped 
with conventional band or disc brake 
drawworks. The self-propelled unit is 
mounted on a short wheelbase 4-axle 
custom carrier and powered by a deck 
mounted 415 Hp diesel engine and 
automatic transmission. The TI-300 
unit comes standard with all of the most 
desirable features, and can be further 
customized to fit your needs.

- # of Axles: 4
- Engine: Cat C-13, 415hp
- Transmission: Allison 4500 OFS
- Drawworks: Ti-248 (Disc) or DD42 (Band)
- Mast: 71/150