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General Specs

TAYLOR INDUSTRIES TI700 Well Service | Workover Rigs

Well Service | Workover Rigs



Tulsa OK USA

General Specs

112 ft

300,000 lb


Detailed Description

Well Service Rig, Taylor TI700 - 112/300 Mast
Rig Quick Facts:
- # of Axles: 6
- Engine: Caterpillar C-18, 700hp
- Transmission: Allison 6610
- Drawworks: Ti-260-160 (Disc)
- Mast: 112/300 

The Ti700 is the workhorse of the Taylor rig line. Providing a 300,000 lb. hoisting capacity and mounted on a self-propelled 6-axle carrier, the Ti700 is a powerful as it is maneuverable. Offered with Taylor's innovative disc brake package and additional disc assist, it has solid braking power for the heaviest loads. The Caterpillar C-18, capable of pumping out 700 Hp, will ensure that the Ti700 is never short on hoisting power. As with every Taylor rig, the Ti700's layout is simple and straightforward, providing maximum access for service and maintenance. Additionally, the Ti700 comes standard with hydraulic walkways and work platforms to ensure fast, safe and efficient rig-up in the field.