COORSTEK Fluid End Modules - Pulsation Dampeners


General Specs

COORSTEK ZM-SERIES Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners



Golden CO USA

General Specs


Detailed Description

Superior Versatility Without the Hassle
SurgeTekTM Zero-Maintenance (ZM-Series) Pulsation
dampeners work well in a wide variety of system & pressure ranges. Unlike gas-charged units, no adjustments are needed when system pressures or surge levels change. Their beveled connection allows units to be
welded directly in-line eliminating flange costs & potential flange leaks. 
Advanced Performance
SurgeTekTM ZM-Series Pulsation dampeners reduce pulsation
by up to 75% over a variable operating range. Their stationary guides force the pulsating flow of fluid through a spherical shell. The spinning mass of media creates a system-smoothing effect dampening surges from the
amplified source.
Durable Materials
Our standard ZM-series stabilizers are constructed with sturdy carbon steel. For extreme-duty, hostile environments,
CoorsTek offers special coatings & ceramic
linings for advanced corrosion & erosion resistance.