COORSTEK Fluid End Modules - Pulsation Dampeners


General Specs

COORSTEK Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners



Golden CO USA

General Specs


Detailed Description

Dual-action design utilizes a throttling orifice & a gas compression chamber to remove fluid pulsationThrough-flow design acts on every gallon passed through the stabilizerInstalls inline with your piping & can be mounted vertically or horizontally - at any angleSurge removal as high as 95% can be achieved with the proper installation & sizingCompact design allows for installation in tight equipment configurationsHandles wide range of line sizes, fluids, temperatures, & pressures. 
Within the stabilizer is a mandrel perforated with throttling orifices, through which liquid flows from either direction. Around the mandrel is a synthetic rubber sleeve, which is sealed & held in place by the case heads. This area forms a sealed gas chamber between the outside of the sleeve & the inside of the case. After installation, this area is filled with an inert, compressed gas to predetermined charge pressure.