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COORSTEK Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners



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General Specs


Detailed Description

CoorsTek helps you maintain existing stabilizers with high-quality replacement components and repair kits for pulsation dampeners that meet or exceed OEM specifications. We support a variety of models including Emsco and Hydrill dampeners.
Perfect-Fit Pulsation Dampener Replacement Parts:Fit Continental Emsco:
 - PD 45
 - PD 55Fit  Hydril:
 - K-10
 - K-20 
 - IP-2 Pressure Control Kits & HosesRepair Kits:
 - Stabilizer plates
 - Gaskets
 - Bolts
 - GaugesMolded components are available in:
 - Buna-N
 - Viton 
 - Hydrogenated Nytrile Rubber products precision molded to meet or exceed all OEM specifications Severe-service, highest quality compounds ensure superior performance as demanded in tough-duty oifield applications CoorsTek OpX manufacturing standards and ISO 9001 certification means only the highest quality in materials & workmanship

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