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General Specs

DEN-CON FCS1400 Casing Running Tools

Casing Running Tools



Oklahoma City OK USA

General Specs


Detailed Description

FLUSH MOUNT CASING RUNNING - 500 TON - FCS1400, 14" - 4 1/2" Pipe, 37 1/2 Flush Mount
The FCS tools fit into the rotary table and generally mount flush with the rotary table top.The FCS is designed to fit NATL and LTI rotaries. Adapter rings are required for OILWELL, EMSCO & IDECO rotaries.FCS slips are 4 segments, designed to handle casing sizes 30" - 4 1/2".Slips are hydraulically actuated, with power up and power down features.Hydraulic operation 5 gpm (min.) at 2500 psi.The FCS can be removed from the pipe and rotary table with pipe in the hole.Pipe guides are installed in the top cover.FCS-1400 uses standard 500 ton Elevator/Spider slips.Air powered option available for FCS-1400 & FCS-2000