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DEN-CON FG-2 Pipe Handling Equipment - Misc.

Pipe Handling Equipment - Misc.



Oklahoma City OK USA

General Specs


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TRIPPING & CASING RUNNING - FG-2 500, 14" - 2 3/8 Pipe, 37 1/2, Flush MountThe FG systems fit into the rotary table and generally mount flush with the rotary table top.
FG slips are 4 segment designed for handling drill pipe, casing, drill collars and tubing.The FG-6 tool is designed to handle completion/workover riser pipe with umbilicals and clamps.Slips are hydraulically actuated, with power up and power down features.Hydraulic operation 5 gpm, 2500 psi. All FG Tools can be equipped with a hydraulic pipe centering device.All FG Tools can be equipped with slip-set/slip release indicator systems. All FG Tools can be removed from the pipe and rotary with pipe in the hole.Air powered option available for FG-5