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Houston TX USA

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Titan Manufacturing, Inc. is announcing a wide range of Vertical Turbine, Deep Well Submersible, Mixed flow, Axial flow, Sump, Submersible sewage non-clog, Close couple self-priming, Vertical inline, and Vertical multi-stage pumps.

In addition to manufacturing and marketing Titan’s own range of pumps, Titan has obtained master distributor rights for the following products:

Warson Pumps which provide a range of heavy duty Deep Well Submersibles, Turbine, Axial flow and Mixed flow pumps.
Barmesa Pumps who provide a range of Sump utility, Effluent, Submersible sewage non-clog, Close couple self-priming, Vertical inline and Vertical multi-stage pumps.

Titan is a pump manufacturing company which commenced operations in 2009 as a quality supplier of ANSI 4196 Pumps which have excelled in the Industry, later Titan introduced Self Priming Trash Pumps, followed by Titan Diaphragm Pumps and most recently in 2014, Titan announced a complete line of Gear Pumps. All Products introduced by Titan have earned high level of customer satisfaction.

In order to enhance Titan’s product lines, Titan has decided to acquire distributorship of pumps which are consistent with Titan’s objectives. The selection criterion is Product quality.