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Center CO USA

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8" stroke quintuplex well service pump with 6.5" plungers, plunger lubrication system, AR Valves, 6" 1000 female hammer union suction connection, 3" 1502 female hammer union discharge connection, suction stabilizer, 6.353:1 gear reduction, Twin Disc torque converter with Twin Disc TA80-6503 automatic 8-speed transmission, and MTU 12V-4000 diesel engine rated at 1875 HP at 1900 RPM. Package accessories include, control panel for engine including engine speed, pinion speed, engine oil pressure, engine coolant, and total hours. Package has PLC with auto shutdowns including vibration transmitters, pump oil pressure transmitters, pump oil pressure transmitter, low suction pressure transmitter, high discharge transmitter, transmission oil pressure transmitter, and plunger lubrication level transmitter. Package is unitized on Esco trailer with 675 gallon fuel tank, total weight 69,100 lbs. This pump will do the following: Specs: 637gpm at 4250 psi @ 111rpm, 861gpm at 3150psi @ 150rpm, 1148gpm at 2360psi @ 200rpm, 1435gpm at 1890psi @ 250rpm, 1894gpm at 1430psi @ 330rpm.