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General Specs

GARDNER DENVER GD-1250 Triplex Pumps

Triplex Pumps



Houston TX USA

General Specs

Detailed Description

GD-1250 Pump Model
Reciprocating, Triplex Well Service Pump - 1250 BHP

GD-1250 Pump Model-Lightweight, powerful and durable, the GD-1250 is ideal for offshore cementing skids, where space matters most. Designed to maximize horsepower and rod load, it features a modular pump design with patented power-end components and through stud fluid-end configurations for easy removal and maintenance.
• Maximum Pressure: 20,798 psi
• Maximum Flow: 1,135 gpm
• Weight: 8,000 lbs.

Design Advantages
• Combination cast and fabricated frame for lightweight, yet durable construction
• Patented connecting rod assembly for maximum thrust bearing area
• Planetary style gearbox with offset to maximize power to weight ratio
• High strength forged crankshaft
• Standard autofrettage fluid ends for extended service life
• Endurance tested for 1,000,000 cycles at maximum load