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HACKER 27 1/2 IN Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables


HACKER 27 1/2 IN

Henderson TX USA

General Specs


Detailed Description

Introducing our toughest rotary yet. Weighing in at 15,600 lbs., Model 27.5 is interchangeable with, and 25% heavier than, comparable oil bath rotary tables. And yet, competitively priced. Its table-high cover provides extra safety and easy access to internal parts. Made of 3/4'' checkered floorplate, this cover can handle lots of abuse. The unitized cast alloy skid is equally rugged with ample overload capacity for shock loads or rough drilling. Model 27.5 is presently the largest of our five rotary tables. Rated at 500 tons and capable of drilling to 18,000 feet, it incorporates the benefits of our 76 years in the business. From the lapped spiral gears to the solid spindle and master bushing, Model 27.5 is designed to last. The solid master bushing can be offered to accept a pin-typedrive Kelly drive bushing. All parts are pre-machined to extremely close tolerances to eliminate the laborious task of adjusting shims. This insures minimum adjustment time for re-assembly.