DRAGON 38 MILLION BTU Frac Tank Trailers For Sale


General Specs

DRAGON Frac Tank Trailers

Frac Tank Trailers

Beaumont TX USA

General Specs




Body, Door, and Floor Specs


Detailed Description

38 Million BTU Frac Water Heater Unit

Water flow:
• 700 GPM @ 70 psi inlet pressure (nom)
• 500 GPM @ 50 psi inlet pressure (nom)
• 350 GPM @ 30 psi inlet pressure (nom)

Temperature rise:
• 70° F @ 700 GPM (nom)

Fuel rate: 
• 4 GPM, 240 GPH @ full fire (nom)

• 53’ long, 8’-6” wide, 13’ high, 66,000 lbs
(nom, dry heat exchanger)

• Diesel fired, dual burner, trailer mounted self
contained system
• Dual fuel burners available, operates on Diesel
or Natural Gas (optional)

Type: 38 Million btu Frac Water Heater Burner:
• Dual burner package, nfpa combustion system,
19 million bt u per hour per burner
• Pressurized fuel with low pressure air systems for atomization
• Blower system for positive combustion air
• L P fired pilot with spark ignition
• Digital burner controls with programmable water temperature and burner fire rates
• Safety shutdowns

Heat exchanger: 
• 2”– SA 106 GR B, SC H 40 pipe
• Multi core, multi pass, low pressure design
• Inlet and outlet manifolds within burner chamber
• 6 x 5 hydraulic drive centrifugal water charge pump
• Multiple 4” suction and discharge connections at rear of trailer

Burner chamber:
• 1/4” steel plate construction
• Removable top with air operated hinged covers
• 5” - 7” C eramic fiber block insulation rated at 2300°
on all surfaces. 2” on chamber lid

Fuel tank: 
• 2700 gal aluminum fuel tank
• Top fill and lower pressure fill connections
• Top manway, pressure relief valve, level gauge
• Air operated vent valve, air operated fuel supply valve to burner
• Manual fuel supply valve to deck engine
• Heated and insulated tank bottom shell

• John Deere engine with jacket water heater and aluminum enclosure

Hydraulic system: 
• 300 gal hydraulic tank
• 4 Pump system with 2 oil coolers, valves and controls
• System operates, water charge pump, combustion blower,
fuel pump, air compressor

Air compressor: 
• Rotary screw air compressor system with reservoir tanks, moisture separator, and aluminum enclosure

• High strength drop deck frame
• 3 Axle with air ride suspension, lift on rear axle
• Abs brake system, led lights