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Power Tong System

Matherne Instrumentation's power tong system is designed to assure uniform and proper make-up of the string by indicating accurate torque applied to each joint when running pipe or casing

The system can help reduce drill collar and tool joint failure resulting from improper make-up.

The system includes 6" tong torque indicator with bracket, a standard 5 ft. hose, and a tension or
compression load cell.

The convenient mounting design allows the gauge to be mounted in a driller's console, in a weight indicator box,
locally on the power tong, or stand alone.

The 6" dial face is available with combination dual scales for added versatility.


   • 6" dial face with colorful custom logos
   • Standard capacities up to 120,000 ft/lbs
   • Box mount or panel mount styles available
   • Dual scales and metric equivalents in kg/m, N-m, DaN-m, and KP-m are available
   • Adjustable target pointer can be set to the desired capacity so the driller can work to a clear mark
   • Loadcells available in tension or compression models to accommodate any tong design. 


    • Easily visible 6" dial face allows clear viewing from long distances
    • Easily mounted in various locations: driller's console, weight indicator box, on the tong, or stand alone
    • Fluid filled indicator reduces shock, vibration, and corrosion
    • Adjustable damper allows for smooth pointer movement under intense situations
    • The tension cylinder includes a fully machined stainless steel piston rod that gives added protection against harsh saltwater environments, ensuring a long service life and minimum maintenance.


    • Capacity of Indicator
    • Handle Length of Tong
    • Length of Hose
    • Type of Loadcell 
    • Style of Indicator