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LUFKIN M640-365-168


Dickinson ND USA

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Detailed Description

The Lufkin Mark II's unique UNITORQUE geometry reduces the rod load and peak torque over that of a conventional pumping unit.  The "unitorque" system can reduce the torque on the gearbox up to 35% as well as lowering power costs and often, prime mover size.

Drive: Electric   |   Foundation: T-Hi

Used units are available field-run or reconditioned depending on the customer’s needs.  Reconditioned units come with an 18 month warranty, which covers parts and labor on the major structure bearings and gear box.  Weight package can be fitted to meet customer needs.

Field Run: Unit is visually inspected in the field and is sold to the customer as where is with no warranty.
Reconditioned: Our reconditioned pumping units go through our GE/Lufkin Certified 40 point check list and come with an 18 month warranty. Through our checklist and Certified program you are assured of receiving a quality product that will deliver your needs.