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Beaumont TX USA

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Harsh, equipment-punishing environments are where Dragon products feel most at home. Our production/surface equipment is severe-duty engineered to get the job done at shale plays and in the oilfield across North America. With the Dragon name, you get equipment built to exacting standards,
quality you can count on and an unmatched level of support after the sale. In short, you get what you need to make your project happen.

• Driver: Murphy eics-engine integrated control system, integrated cd ignition, air/fuel control and electronic governing speed control.
• Exhaust: Critical grade exhaust silencer with 30 to 38 dba noise reduction and murphy emissions kit with precious metals catalyst. type k thermocouples to monitor catalyst inlet
and outlet temperaures and two exhaust outlet test ports.
• Start System: 24V DC electrical (air/gas start optional).
• Control Panel: Murphy/enovation TTD-2-T annunciator housed in weatherproof, removable rear door and hinged front door with viewing glass window. Suitable for
class 1, div. 2, groups C, & D hazardous areas. Modbus RTU (slave) rs232/485
• Unit Inlet Suction Strainer: Inlet to first stage scrubber includes removable spool piece with suction strainer to protect unit from dirt and slag from pipeline.

• Condensate Drains: Conndensate line is route from dump valve through heated scrubber skirt to help keep condensate
from freezing up due to flashing.