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WHITE SUPERIOR W72 Gas Compressors

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Soperton GA USA

General Specs





Detailed Description

2-Stage Gas Compressor 

Designed to compress from 52 psig to 350 psig

Gas Compressor skid system:  Includes compressor Two Stage rated at MAWP 425 psig at 300F, with 1750HP motor.  Stage 1 compresses from 52 psi to 185 psi at 110F.  Stage 2 conmpresses from 180 psi to 350 psi at 110F.  Flow 14,475 lb/hr.  White Superior W72 compressor with two cylinders.  Cylinder 1 is 21-3/4" bore x 7" stroke MAWP 225 psig, Cylinder 2 is 15-7/8" stroke x 7 " stroke MAWP 425 psig.  

Includes remanufactured Reliance motor 1750HP, Frame 9240, Volts 4160, Type P, RPM 895
Complete skid assembled by Toromont in 2009; we have all design data on CD plus drawings.  Like New - ran only 42 days

Last used as SynGas 1st & 2nd stage Booster Compressor for complete module fp314.  For PFD and mass flow - see 314-PFD-001 in VDR.   For all components, enter   K120   in search box.    NOTE:  This compressor has now been removed.  The main photos show the compressor AS IT WAS installed, we have added more showing it de-installed.  We have paid for removal so now price includes loading on your truck.