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General Specs

FREEMYER INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE Liquid Additive Trailer Frac Pumps

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Fort Worth TX USA

General Specs



Detailed Description

New Liquid Additive Unit

Consisting of a trailer with a hydraulic system powered by deck engine, up to ten (10) liquid chemical pumps, up to ten (10) hose reel assembly with chemical hoses, two (2) hydraulically driven transfer pumps, and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations  
The unit will have two (2) Webasto Heating Systems: 
One (1) Heating System for power unit coolant, fuel, hydraulic tank, and batteries 
One (1) Heating System to circulate coolant to chemical totes, liquid chemical pumps, and transfer pumps
The FIP Smart Op-Acq System Liquid Chemical Automation & Control will have the ability to monitor and control up ten (10) liquid additive pumps.  This system is also designed to automatically or manually adjust and maintain preset set points of liquid additive concentration.  
Siemens Touch Screen Color Monitor will allow the operator to have the ability to operate the unit in automatic mode  
Display real time operating parameters
Liquid Chemical Additive Concentration 
Monitor Hydraulic Pressures and Temperatures 
Liquid Additive Pumps can be slaved to the blender clean rate or simulated rate

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