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General Specs

KING OIL TOOLS 3AR Wireline - Misc.

Wireline - Misc.




General Specs


Detailed Description

AR ( Auto-Releasing) Wire Line Strippers - For swabbing, tubing, wire line coring, sidewall sampling and well logging 
A safe efficient and economical tool for keeping the derrick clean and dry while swabbing or pulling line wire cores and for other operations where a wire line is being run in and out of a well.

Features in Brief
· A positive latch arrangement will not release by accident or a surge of pressure in well.
· A sure release mechanism – operated by the rope socket striking the bottom of the stripper.
· A rubber shock absorber to cushion the blow of the rope socket when the stripper is released.
· Non-sparking materials minimize the fire hazard.
· Roller wire line guides on hardened steel pins, with Alemite grease nipples.
· Side openings for inserting the wire line packing rubbers. This is an aid to repacking and permits repacking
when the line is in the hole.
· The packing is self-centering and does not require the compression screws to be evenly adjusted.
· The compression screws may be unscrewed enough to relax the packing, if no fluid or pressure is present,
while line is being run. This method has minimum upkeep and conserves rubber. At no time should the screws
be tightened unduly.
· A self-sealing packing ring seals between the stripper and latch collar. A cushion of rubber is provided to set
on the latch collar.
· Convenient handholds are an aid to easy handling.

General Data for 3AR
Overall Length - 17 1/2"
Max. Size Wire Line - 5/8"
Inside Diam. (Max Bore) - 3"
Weight - 43 lbs.
Collar Thread (Line Pipe) - 3" Male
Length Above Collar Thread - 14 1/2"