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External Coating Equipment

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3LPE/3LPP/FBE external coating equipment

3LPE( Long-term Service Temperature : Below 80℃) and 3LPP( Long-term Service Temperature : Between 80℃ and 110℃ ) consist of FBE( primer ), copolymer adhesive (middle layer) and top layer (polyethylene or polypropylene). The three –layer system incorporates the chemical anti-corrosion and cathodic disbondment resistant property of FBE primer and the outstanding chemical bonding between the primer and PE/PP. The top layer acts as the waterproof and mechanical protection. The 3LPE and 3LPP are the top priority anti-corrosion technology in terms of long-distance pipeline transmission.

Shot Blasting Equipment, Mid-frequency Induction heaters, Powder Spraying Equipment, Single-screw Extruders.