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Green tube hollows supplied by selected domestic and foreign sources, are upset forged, heat treated to grade and electro-magnetically inspected, end areas including upsets are EMI MAG particle and Ultrasonically inspected.
Tool joint forgings are purchased from qualified steel suppliers whose products meet strict quality specifications. Superior Drillpipe Manufacturing, Inc. machines and threads the pin & box components to API specifications and inspects 100% of every tool joint manufactured. After gauging, magnetic particle inspection is performed prior to phosphate coating.
Joint to pipe assembly is the final stage of manufacture and includes inertia/friction welding, weld annealing, flash removal, quench and temper weld heat treatment, ID/OD grinding, MAG particle and Ultrasonic inspection and hardness testing. Imprint marking of serial reference number, visual inspection, stencil, varnish and API monogramming are the final stages of assembly.