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General Specs

Structural Metal


Houston TX USA

General Specs


Detailed Description

Wire Mesh for CWC
Execution Standard
ASTM A810, ASTM A82, ASTM A185, ASTM A641M

Wire mesh size and allowable deviation

Direction of mesh       Mesh Size (mm)   Wire Dia (mm)     Mesh Width
Vertical                        25.4/50.8±2         2.55±0.08           190.5±5
Horizontal                    67.0±5                 2.0±0.08             190.5±5

Each roll of wire mesh specifications and structure size requirements

Each roll area (m2) - 40
Length of each roll (m) - 210
Steel Net Hole Diameter (mm) - 200±10
Diameter of each roll (mm) - 1000 (Max)
Weight of each steel net (kg) - 71±2

The chemical composition of steel wire

The element           Percentage %

C                               0.14~0.20
Si                               ≤ 0.30
Mn                             ≤ 0.75
P                                ≤ 0.04
S                                ≤ 0.05
Zinc(Coating)             Not less than 99.5%

The tensile testing requirements of steel wire

Test item                     Technical indicators

Tensile strength           ≥485Mpa
The yield strength        ≥385 Mpa
Elongation at break      ≥15%