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GE L5794 Engines - Natural Gas

Engines - Natural Gas


GE L5794

Waukesha WI USA

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Detailed Description

Waukesha gas engines VHP Series Four L5794GSI-EPA

With over 100 years of engine design, development and manufacturing experience, GE’s Waukesha gas engines are redefining oil field power generation in drill rig applications with a non-road EPA mobile certified solution that provides diesel-like performance, fuel flexibility to run on natural gas/field gas and low emissions output for excellent engine performance.

Operation – runs and provides power like a diesel without the cost of diesel fuel
Flexibility – reliable, proven fuel flexibility across a wide BTU range
Emissions – non-road mobile certified by the US EPA
Mobility – Simple to package with a pony skid or tailboard skid for plug and play operation
Power – maintains consistent power output across changing field conditions

Price is per unit Ex-Works