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JOLIET JEC-HTM1800 Motors - Electric

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Joliet IL USA

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Joliet HTM1800 New AC Drilling Motor delivers a continuous rating for mud pump and rotary table applications of 1800 HP and intermittent rating for drawworks applications of 2700 HP. Continuous rating is at 600/690 VAC, 1570 Amperes, 45.6 Hertz, 900/1800 RPM.

Features: Form Wound 6-Pole Stator, Copper Alloy Rotor Bars and End Ring, Class H Insulation, Inverter Duty, High-Strength Forged Steel Single Shaft Extension with New Oilfield Hub, OPE Insulated Bearing, IP44 Protection, DE-Roller Bearing for Axial Load, (6) 100 Ohm Platinum RTD’s Pressure Sensor, Explosion Proof, Space Heater, 120 or 240 VAC, Explosion Proof, Speed Sensor Mount, Motor is dimensionally interchangeable with a GE 752 motor, Motor Enclosure: IP44, Altitude Below 3,300 Ft
Approx. Weight: 8,400 Lbs., 3,810 Kg, ISO 9001:2000 Quality Program, New Cushioned “Export Spec.” Shipping Skid, Shrink-wrap w/Desiccant, 12/18 Month Warranty