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JOLIET JEC-EMD79 Motors - Electric

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Joliet IL USA

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The Joliet JEC-EMD 79 Series Wound Reconditioned Drilling Motor delivers a continuous rating from mud pump and rotary table application of 800 HP and intermittent rating for drawworks application of 1000 HP. Continuous rating is at 750 VAC, 850 Amperes, 1000 RPM.

Features:Reconditioned Self Excited Series Field Reconditioned EMD Armature, Single Tapered Shaft Extension with New Hub Reconditioned Class H Insulation New Heavy Duty Pressurized connection box mounted on LT side of motor as viewed from commutator end, w/Double bolt-on or Plug-in armature cable connections & terminations for space heater, auxiliary switch & pressure sensor, Connection box can be specified on RT side New Space Heater, 120 or 240 Volts, Explosion Proof, 150 Watts New Crouse-Hinds Auxiliary Lockout Switch, Explosion ProofNew Blower Assembly, 10 HP, Explosion Proof, 460 Volts, 60 Hz., providing 2600 CFM of cooling at 7.2 In. of water New Dwyer Pressure Sensor, Explosion Proof