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ALLISON 5960DB Transmissions | Torque Converters

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Houston TX USA

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Outright/Exchange Repair & Return Allison Transmissions - 5960DB

The quintessential transmission when it comes to the oilfield.  The Allison CLT5960DB also known as the CLT5960-5 or Allison CLBT5960DB also known as the CLBT5960-2 are STOCK TRANSMISSIONS WE HAVE ON THE SHELF READY TO SHIP at Copeland International.  With 6 speed manual hydraulic valve body, and double disconnect drop box we build every one the same and never deviate from our rebuild principals and methods.  All transmissions are DYNO TESTED prior to leaving our facility giving you piece of mind when installed that you'll have a fully functional unit.  Check out our website for more information...