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ALLISON CLT5860-5 Power Package Transmissions | Torque Converters

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ALLISON CLT5860-5 Power Package


General Specs


Detailed Description

Detroit Diesel / MTU New OEM Power Package.  MTU Series 60 500 HP package, 28CFM compressor, Thermal Transfer Products Tube and Shell cooler with Fittings, Work Over rig/workover rig/pulling unit control panel, copper core radiator with fan, rig saver package.  Engine Radiator to Engine Flywheel.  The transmission is a Copeland International re manufactured CLT5860-5 with 6 speed manual, remote filters, manual lockup.  Call us today for pricing and availability.  Power Package Series 60 and Allison CLT5860-5 CLT5960-5 CLT5861-5 CLBT5860-2 CLBT5961-2 CLBT5960-2 CLBT5861-2 M5600H M5610H M5620H M6620H M6610H Drop Box Model