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Tacoma WA USA

General Specs

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Pacific Powershifts supports ZF Transmissions with both sales and service of all models of transmissions. We reman all of our transmission's here and they are dyno tested with a 1 year warranty.
Case Wheel Loaders run both ZF Transmission and Axle: 521D ,621, 621B, 621C, 621D, 721, 721B, 721C, 821, 821B, 821C, 921, 921B, 921C

Hyundai Wheel Loaders run ZF Transmission: HL740, HL757, HL760, HL770, HL780

JCB Wheel Loaders run Zf Transmission: J 321, J 411, J 412, J414, J 426, J 436, J 446, J 456, J 712, J 714, J 718, J 722

JLG -SkyTrak - Lull - and CAT Run ZF Transmission and Axle: 644, 844, 944, 1044, 8042, 10042, 10054, 4266, 4270, 4288, 4290, 6036, 6042, 6036, 6042

John Deere Backhoes run both ZF Transmission and Axle: 210LE 310E, 310G, 410E, 710E, 710G

John Deere Wheel Loaders run both ZF Transmission and Axle: 444J, 444H, 544E, 544G, 544H, 544J, 624E, 624G, 624H, 624J, 644E, 644G, 644 H, 644 J, 744J, 744H

Terex Articulated Dump Trucks run both ZF Transmission and Axle: 2366, 2566, 2566B, 2566C, 2766, 2766B, 2766C, TA25, TA27, 3066, 3066C, TA30, TA35, TA40, 4066, 4066B, 4066C

Moxy runs ZF Transmission and Axle: 6225, 6227, MT30, MT30S, MT26, MT31, MT40, MT40B

ZF Transmission's are used in many mobile cranes such as Lieber, Krupp, Grove, PPM, P&H and others