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Conductor Tensioning Unit
TSC conductor tensioning units (CTU) are field proven through installations, world-wide. TSC's CTUs can be custom-designed for a variety of specific rig layouts. TSC offers two types of CTUs: a low capacity, Texas deck mounted- "Mini" and a high capacity, conductor tensioning unit platform mounted - "Standard." 

- Can be supplied with a sliding panel system to fully enclose the conductor tensioning platform, or fitted with a dedicated lifting tool to raise them into stored position
- Can be supplied with secondary tensioning to support a surface BOP stack
- “Mini” CTUs can be specified with a hydraulic power unit for hazardous area use and are fitted with interchangeable inserts to suit different diameter tubulars
- Hazardous area electric controls are standard on “Standard” CTUs and include digital displays and links for remote monitoring of the tensioning load.