DRAGON 80 BBL Vacuum Trailers For Sale


General Specs

DRAGON Vacuum Trailers

Vacuum Trailers

Beaumont TX USA

General Specs

80 BBL




Body, Door, and Floor Specs



Detailed Description

80BBL Carbon Steel Bobtail Tank Trailer

• 3360 Gallon, Plus 3%
• Vacuum Tank For Truck Mounting
• Commodity: Unspecified Oilfield Fluids
• Pressure: 38 Psig Hydrostatic Test
• Shell: 5/16” Plate X 78” O.D. 12’-6” + Heads ( 15’ Oal)
• Self Contained Vacuum Package

Vacuum Tank for Truck Mounting
• Type: Vacuum Tank For Truck Mounting. Non-Dot Specification
• Capacity: 3360 Gallons + 3%
• Commodity: Unspecified Oilfield Fluids
• Design Pressure: 25 PSI Internal, 15 PSI External (Full Vacuum) 38 PSI Hydrostatic Test
• Shell: 5/16” Plate X 78” O.D. 12’-6” + Heads ( 15’ Oal)
• Head: 5/16” Plate ASME Shape
• Baffle: 1 – 5/16” Plate Flat Flanged And Dished With Interior
Shell Reinforcement Ring
• Stiffener: 5/8 X 2 1/2 Rolled Rings, External
• Pressure Relief Vent: Pressure Relief And Vacuum Relief, Brass
• Top Manway: 21” Located Behind Baffle
• Primary Shut Off: 21” With Stainless Steel Float Ball Located ahead of Baffle
• Secondary Shut Off: 12 Gal With Stainless Steel Float Ball, Located On Drivers Side Front
• Rear Manway: 21” Located In Rear Head Above Center Bottom Valve
• Valves: 1 – 4” Butterfly Center Bottom Valve. 1 - 4” Butterfly Rear Head Valve (Near 8:00 Position).
Level Indicator: Ball Float Indicator With 8” Stainless Steel Ball, Pointer Located In Rear Head Walkway: Grip Strut Located at 3:00, Grab Rail on Tank Top Ladder to Walkway
• Hose Tray Fenders: Full Length Combination Hose Tray and Fenders on Each Side
• Lights: DOT Sealed Lights With 2 Work Lights
• Coating: All Surfaces White Metal Steel Grit Blast, 2.5 Mil Profile (Sp-10), Interior Lined With
Chemical Resistant 100% Solids Epoxy Liner, 10-15 Mil Dry Film Thickness. Exterior Coated High Build Epoxy Primer And Color Coated With High Solids Polyurethane, 4-6 Mil Dry Film Thickness
• Hoist: Front Mounted Body Lift System With Heavy Duty Rear Hinges
• Vacuum: Fruitland 500 Vacuum Pump With Hydraulic Drive Package, PTO, Pump, Motor, Tank, Return Line Filter, Pressure Relief, Oil Catch Muffler, All Controls