DRAGON 165 BBL Vacuum Trailers For Sale


General Specs

DRAGON Vacuum Trailers

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Beaumont TX USA

General Specs

165 BBL




Body, Door, and Floor Specs



Detailed Description

165bbl Super Duty Aluminum Non-Code Vacuum Trailer

Type: Aluminum vacuum tank trailer, non-dot spec
Capacity: 6,930 gallons +2
Length: 47’ 10-3/4" Height: 10’ - 10"
Commodity: unspecified oilfield fluids design
Pressure: 23 PSIG hydrostatic test 15 psi internal, 22 INGH external
Shell: 1/4 aluminum PL x 62 in O.D
Heads: 3/8 aluminum PL, ASME F&D shape
Compartment: Single

Aluminum Vacuum Tanker
• Baffle: 4 – 1/4 aluminum pl flared & dished
• Stiffener: rolled aluminum channel rings (14) external
• Suspension: three – Watson-Chalin 30,000 lb. Air ride with single leveling valve and manual dump valve, bolt on steel suspension assembly, 60,000 lb. Capacity system lift axle on rear
• Axles: 25,000 lb 5" round, 5/8" wall w/outboard drums (2)
• Wheels: 10 hole steel disc hub pilot
• Tires: 11.00 X 24.5 Radial cut/chip resistant
• Brakes: 16 1/2 x 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, abs both axles
• Upper coupler: bolt on adjustable
• Landing legs: 2 speed, heavy duty, high capacity lift
• Bumper: 4 x 8 tube with tow eye, steel
• Hose tray: 25’ aluminum, located on each side
• Walkway: formed supports. Drivers side safety walkway with handrails and ladder
• Tool box: 1 - drivers side with sealed door
• Mud flaps: anti sail, front and rear
• Outlet: two 4” butterfly valves in rear head at bottom Rocky Mountain sump installed
• Reliefs: 1 1/2” vacuum relief, 2” pressure relief, both located at top front of barrel, 2” blow down line at rear, discharge located behind fender
• Manways: five located on top, one on rear head, all domed style with plated swing bolts and wing nuts
• Shut off: ball type primary in front manway, ball type secondary on drivers side front with drain
• Over turn protection: three - solid plate type over turn device, located at front, center and rear
• Lights: led type, full dot lights, sealed lights, two rear work lights
• Ball float: installed driver side in rear head on lateral center line. No sight glass installed.
• Coating: all steel surfaces white metal steel grit blast, 2.5 Mil profile (sp-10), coated high build epoxy primer and color coated with high solids polyurethane, 4-6 Mil dry film thickness
• Chain rack: installed on driver side underneath frame
• Wire guard: 2” pipe weld inside frame to protect electrical run