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  • DRAGON RANCO Belly Dump Trailers For Sale

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    • Belly Dump Trailers
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • Beaumont, TX 77701 USA


    Call for Price

    Dragon Products Ltd

    Auction Details

    General Specs


    Body, Door, and Floor Specs

    Detailed Description

    RANCO Aluminum Mini Bottom Dump Trailer
    Made in USA
    • Capacity: 15.3 cubic yard per trailer (with riser)
    7.79 cubic yard per trailer (without riser)
    • Weight: 10,9000lbs. per set (approx.)
    • Frame: High tensile steel
    • Tub skin: 10 ga. aluminum
    • Riser: 12 ga. aluminum
    • Gates: 3/16 ga. aluminum
    • Shedplates: 14 gauge aluminum bolt on
    • Fenders: Aluminum
    • Gate controls: Versa Valve on left,
    electrically actuated from truck cab
    • Gate hoses: Hoses are 1/2”
    with one quick release valve per cylinder
    • Gate seals: Aluminum welded on exterior of gates
    • Axles: Aluminum hub, 71.5” track, 5” round, 25,000lb
    • Drums: Centrifuge outboard drums
    • Wheels: 11 x 22.5 or 11 x 24.5 aluminum wheel
    • Brakes: ABS brake system,
    16.5”x7” S-cam type, auto slack adjusters
    • Electrical: DOT approved 12 volt
    sealed lighting system
    • Plumbing: DOT approved system
    • Suspension Under Mount: Three leaf springs
    • Turn Table: 36” German turntable double bearing
    • Drawbar: 3’ long, square tubing,
    cast steel hinged bracket, rubber bushing,
    2.375” ID swivel type eyebolt with safety cable
    • Paint: Polyurethane