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    • Chemical | Acid Trailers
    • -
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    • Fort Worth, TX 76164 USA


    Call for Price

    Freemyer Industrial Pressure

    Auction Details

    General Specs



    Body, Door, and Floor Specs

    Detailed Description

    Liquid Additive Units
    Consisting of a trailer (can be van enclosure or wooden flatbed deck style) with a hydraulic system powered by deck engine, (10) chemical totes, (10) liquid chemical pumps, (10) hose reel assembly with chemical hoses, one (1) transfer pump, and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations.  This unit can be controlled in manual or automatic mode from the operator control console.  All operation parameters to be transmitted to data van.
    Hydraulic System
    The hydraulic system will be powered by a diesel engine via hydraulics located at the front of the unit on the gooseneck of the trailer.
    This system will have on the operator controls panel flow control/RPM speed increasers for the following hydraulic motors – (10) liquid chemical additive pumps.
    Chemical Totes
    (10) 330 gallon DOT liquid chemical totes will be installed on the unit – (5) on each side.  Tanks are constructed out of Poly material and have a surrounding protective cage. Tanks will be plumbed to operate independently and will have a 2” load line.
    Each chemical tote will have a mounting assembly located on the van enclosure that will secure the totes during transportation.  Each tote/pump will have a manually operated hose reel assembly with 1” chemical hose approximately 50’.
    Liquid Chemical Additive Pumps
    (10) liquid additive pumps. Each pump can be controlled in manual or automatic mode and will each have coriolis flow meters with rate and totalizers. (1) transfer pump-Graco air powered pump or equivocal will be installed at the rear of the unit to load chemical totes.
    Control and Monitoring System
    The local control enclosure and panel will be constructed of Stainless Steel material. In addition, stand alone and remote operations at the data can.
    Installed in the control panel will be the following controls:
    •Deck Engine: 
    •Engine start, run, stop switch
    •Engine emergency kill
    •Engine throttle control-low, medium, and high speed selector
    •Engine computer monitor-oil pressure, tachometer, oil temperature, water temperature, voltage, and other
    • (10) liquid chemical pump speed controls
    • (1) touch screen monitor to monitor liquid additive parameters
    • (10) liquid chemical pump rate meter read outs.