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  • INDUSTRIAL RUBBER Cementing Equipment - Cementing - Misc.

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    General Specs

    • Cementing - Misc.
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    • Oklahoma City, OK 73173 USA


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    Industrial Rubber Inc

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    General Specs

    Detailed Description

    Fast Latch Product:
    Industrial Rubber INC.’s Fast Latch Coupler is the faster, safer, more versatile alternative to threaded casing adaptors.
    Here’s what makes this new coupler so special:
    •	Available for all API casing programs
    •	Locks and seals to casing on the derrick floor
    •	Eliminates dangerous, time-consuming stabbing and threading operations
    •	Cuts derrick work time by 90% compared to conventional casing adapters
    •	Effective as circulation head in certain sizes using a dedicated swage
    The FLC seals to the top of any type of casing coupling that conforms to API 8-round short or long, buttress, and premium threads that conform with API casing, while a set of split dogs latches the FLC underneath the casing collar. The latching/unlatching is done by activating two external handles simultaneously. A locking pin prevents any unlatching. The coupling seal is highly pressure energized by a wave spring and has been specifically designed to seal to the casing collar end even if the end has some damage. Due to the wave spring, the coupling seal is always in contact with the top of the collar, ensuring a seal even under vacuum conditions.