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  • FREEMYER INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE Cementing Equipment - Pumpers

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    General Specs

    • Pumpers
    • Excellent
    • 1-910F
    • Fort Worth TX USA


    Call for Price

    Freemyer Industrial Pressure

    Auction Details

    General Specs







    Detailed Description

    •	Consisting of a trailer with a high-pressure pumping system, all required controls, instrumentation, and a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling equipment.
    •	The High Pressure Pumping System will consist of:
    o	Two (2) Detroit Series 60, 630 HP Diesel Engines
    o	Two (2) Allison 4750 OFS automatic transmissions
    o	Two (2) HD 500 Axon triplex pumps
    •	The Cat C6.6 auxiliary engine will power the hydraulic system via gear box.
    •	The Cement Mixing System is capable of mixing 14 BPM and densities of up to 22 lb./gal.
    •	The fluid handling system includes two 10 barrel displacement tanks made of carbon steel and four centrifugals installed on the unit.
    •	FIP Smart Op-Acq System has the ability to monitor left side discharge pressure, right side discharge pressure, auxiliary pressure, left side flow, right side flow, total down-hole flow, density, and auxiliary density.
    o	One (1) 15 inch Touch Screen Color Monitors will allow the operator to have the ability to operate the unit in manual or automatic mode for cement mixing. 
    o	Job data is stored on the on-board PC and retrieved via USB memory stick. It can be viewed in Excel text or graph format and saved on an external computer.
    o	Ability to store up to 10 stages per job.
    “Freemyer Industrial Pressure is the End Users choice for the best price and the best service in the industry”