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  • TSC MANUFACTURING Drilling Rigs - Offshore Rigs

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    General Specs

    • Offshore Rigs
    • -
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    • Houston, TX 77041 USA


    Call for Price

    TSC Manufacturing & Supply LLC

    Auction Details

    General Specs

    400 ft

    Detailed Description

    Jack-up Rig Solutions - 
    In late 2013, TSC subsidiary, Alliance Offshore Drilling (AOD) signed a construction contract with Huangpu Shipyard for the construction of the first Zentech designed R-550D 400ft jack-up rig. The R-550D jack-up platform is the first of many to be built as a result of TSC’s strong 3rd party alliances with Zentech and Huangpu Shipyard. In addition to being the rig owner and overseeing construction, TSC notably provided the complete drilling package for the R-550D rig. 
    Shipyard: CSSC Huangpu Shipyard, Hull # H6001
    DESIGN: Zentech R550-D
    DELIVERY: 2015 Q4
    PROJECT TYPE: Jack-up rig
    RIG WATER DEPTH: 400 feet
    SCOPE OF WORK: A complete package of the best-in-class product lines combined with the TSC drilling package
    RIG OWNER: Alliance Offshore Drilling (AOD)