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  • COOPER Drilling Rigs - Well Service | Workover Rigs

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    General Specs

    • Well Service | Workover Rigs
    • Good
    • COOPER 550
    • -
    • Frisco, TX 75034 USA


    780000$780,000 USD

    The Land Rig Clearinghouse LLC

    Auction Details

    General Specs




    104 ft

    250,000 lb

    Detailed Description

    Workover Rigs - Cooper 550 Workover Rig - Complete - purchased 2015, 550HP, 104ft  250,000# mast
    Rig:  SP550DD-A workover rig, 550 HP, double drum, 83A 150 Ton tubing block
    Mud Pump:  EWS440-5K mud pump powered by Detroit Series 60 engine, Allison 750HT Transmission, suction and discharge manifold
    Tubing Tong:  Gill model 500 tubing tong c/w air backup, hydraulic lift cylinder, 2 -3/8” and 2-  7/8” Jaws & Inserts
    Extension:  Lift Hanger Extension (dummy lift) L-521
    Stiff Arm:  Long Foster Stiff Arm A511-A
    BOP:  7- 1/16”, 5000# dual hydraulic BOP complete with CSO, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” ram blocks, IE7-5MD-R
    Stripper Head: Tall Hall Stripper Head
    Elevator Links:  1-3/4” x 96” 150 Ton King “Big Eye” Elevator Links – EB175-96BI
    Weight Indicator:  240,000# Pennant Style Pad Type Weight Indicator w/10” Pads
    Counterweight:  Derrick Counterweight Assembly, Bucket, Climbing Line, Swivel Block w/Clevis DCA-1000
    Lifeline:  DBI Sala Retractable Lifeline – 130’ (3403600)
    Bolts:  Combination Bolts 1500-900 (6-1/4” Overall Length), 1-3/8” Stud Bolt w/nut
    Derrick Belt:  DBI/SALA Derrick Belt-Medium
    Trailer:  2015 Parker 7ft Wide Tandem Dog House Trailer, 2- Rock Heater Installed
    Gas Buster:  Tank with Gas Buster
    Weight Indicator:  Clipper Style Weight Indicator – Rebuilt
    Trailer:  20’ Tandem Axle Trailer
    Rod Tong:  Carter Rod Tong
    Misc:  Base Beam, Rod Elevators, Clipper Style Weight Indicator, 2-3/8” & 2-7/8” Tubing elevators, Tubing spider, Tools
    Ram Block Assy:  7-1/16” x 4-1/2” 5M Townsend Type 81 Ram Block Assy. w/rubbers