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  • TSC MANUFACTURING Pipe Handling Equipment - Pipe Handling Equipment - Misc.

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    General Specs

    • Pipe Handling Equipment - Misc.
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    • Houston, TX 77041 USA


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    TSC Manufacturing & Supply LLC

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    General Specs

    Detailed Description

    HTV Machine
    The TSC HTV arm (horizontal to vertical arm) transfers tubulars between the horizonal position from the catwalk or conveyor to the vertical position, when presented into the derrick for make-up at well centre or mousehole. The HTV Machine is used in conjunction with other equipment to make-up doubles, triples or quads offline. The stands can be presented directly to the well centre or stored in the setback area. 
    - Telescopic HTV Arm with reach and slew function to suit drill floor layout
    - Griphead spreader beam
    - Hydraulically actuated
    - Control options available: operators cabin, drillers cabin, drill floor console or radio control
    - Backup manual control on the HTV Arm
    - Manual and automated control modes
    - Interlocked and integrated with the drilling system zone management