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  • DRAGON Pumps - Pump Packages

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    General Specs

    • Pump Packages
    • New
    • DRAGON 600 HP
    • -
    • Beaumont, TX 77701 USA


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    Dragon Products Ltd

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    General Specs




    Detailed Description

    600 HP Well Service Pump
    The unit is a 630 horsepower triplex skid mounted pumping unit that is equipped to operate at the work site independent of other equipment. The unit is fabricated on three 10” x 35 lbs. I-Beam. Equipment consist of one diesel engine, automatic transmission, triplex pump, and a centrifugal pump.
    The main skid engine and automatic transmission drive the triplex pump. The triplex pump is configured to pump fluid to, release, or re-circulate fluid. A hydraulic drive is mounted on the transmission providing hydraulic power to operate the centrifugal pumps.
    Detroit 14DL 630HP Tier II
    High capacity Cooling system
    24 Volt start system or as required
    24 Volt electrical system
    Allison Automatic 6610 Manual LU Power-shift
    (No reverse)
    One SPM TWS600S pump
    Rated at 600 BHP
    6” Stroke
    Reduction Gear 4.6:1
    Plunger lube oil tank with air regulator and control valve
    Power end lube oil pump driven from PTO mounted on Allison transmission Plunger size is to be determined by customer
    Digital display console containing digital indicators displays the pump pressure, pumping rate, and total
    volumes pumped. An electronic assembly is included which performs the necessary zero and scaling
    controls for each of the signals as well as the circuitry that formats the signals for computer inputs.
    Data acquisition system components
    Engine oil pressure
    Engine water temperature
    Emergency kill
    Engine start/stop
    Engine throttle
    Engine tachometer
    Transmission shifter
    Triplex pressure gauge w/over-pressure shutdown
    Centrifugal pump speed control
    Centrifugal pump pressure
    Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
    Hydraulic temperature gauges
    Air pressure gauge
    Ammeter gauge
    Triplex lube oil pressure
    Triplex oil temperature
    Transmission oil pressure
    Transmission lock up indicator