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  • TSC MANUFACTURING Solids Control - Mud Systems

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    General Specs

    • Mud Systems
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    • Houston, TX 77041 USA


    Call for Price

    TSC Manufacturing & Supply LLC

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    General Specs

    Detailed Description

    Complete Mud System Packages
    A Performance Driven Mud System “PDMS”  is key to a drilling operation. TSC Rig Solutions can design a custom mud system to your specifications or utilize one of our many existing designs. TSC can help choose the most efficient equipment for your requirement.  A good mud system design can save thousands on each hole drilled. 
    Each one of the tanks can be mounted on skids, trailer mounted, ISO frame for shipping internationally or modular for utilization in offshore drilling packages.  TSC has mud system designs available to operate in the world's harshest environments.
    - Ensures solids control equipment will function at the most efficient level;
    - Mud and additive savings by correctly mixing drilling fluids with state of the art equipment and plumbing design;
    - Preventing the settlementation of ultra fine in tanks which makes rig moves go much quicker, no need to shovel out solids;
    - Correctly size and design plumbing to solids control equipment and centrifugal pumps, which ensures the system operates at full capacity, efficiently;
    - Design fail safes into mud systems to prevent any down time if equipment failure happens;
    - Complete zero discharge/closed loop mud system designs;
    - Different tank types available: Flat bottom, V-Bottom, Round Bottom, Slant Bottom, Cone Bottom.